Trip to the homeland for St. Patricks day and Dad’s 80th

Wed 16-Mar-05 Portland Departed 6:30 am  to  Indianapolis Arrive 3 pm
Very nice trip.  Verl picked me up and met Mathew and then went to dinner at Smokey Bones having some really good baby back ribs.  Went to the farm where Mom and Dad were having dinner.  Dad asked if I was lost and I said no just could not think of anything decent to give him for his 80th and decided I would bug him personally.  Had a nice walk to Stilesville this morning as the sun rose.  Quite chipper out but clear and beautiful.
     Well it is Saturday afternoon .  Just got back from a great lunch at the Double Decker in Greencastle.  Guy and Norma Gaston joined Mom, Dad and I there; I had my usual, a deep fried pork tenderloin.  Also as usual the conversation was good; Guy and Norma are great to converse with.  Cannot remember when the last time I saw my favorite cousin Debby, their oldest who is in Florida married to Jim Goodson who is retire Air Force working on seeking out all nuclear testing and such in the world so we can now who is going to drop the bug one on us.  Verl is coming by to pick me up at 5PM to stay with them in Plainfield so I can make the 7AM flight more easily.

Depart 7:00 am  to  Denver (DEN) Arrive 7:50 am 974 mile(s) (1568 km) Duration: 2hr 50mn  Frontier Airlines Flight: 615 Economy/Coach Class, Airbus A319
Denver (DEN) Depart 8:30 am  to  Portland (PDX) Arrive 10:10 am 989 mile(s)
(1592 km) Duration: 2hr 40mn  Frontier Airlines Flight: 791  Airbus A319 Total distance: 1963 mile(s) (3159 km) Total duration: 5hr 30mn (6hr 10mn with connections)

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