Wow, renewed contact with a dear friend.

Joseph Howard Litttle, far left next to me, was my best friend for many, many years growing up.  Joe graduated Valedictorian from Cascade High School in 1966 going on to Purdue University and is now VP of a large business.  In this picture we hold one of the thrills of our lives back in Indiana the Red Devil One rocket.  Joes little brother, Bruce far right holds the Estees Industry engine that was soon to be outlawed in favor of those silly little 3” engines sold told.  Joe and I assembled the Red Devil together but my Dad and some of his friends got wind of it and the best I can recall I helped launch it the first time from the flat bed of Lowell Glen Fisher’s wagon after rounding up half the town of Stilesville to watch.  Joe was some how left out and I don’t know if I ever apologized for this offense but I am to this day very sorry for having been a part of it.  Joe forgave me and we had many more good times together.  Joe is the only reason I managed to pass Biology our freshman year in HS and I was surely no help to him academically.  We have not but momentary spoken to one another since my joining the Marines but I am thrilled to have renewed our friendship through email and instant messaging.  Thanks for the memories Joe.

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