Concerning the Religious Climate

You may take offense at my thoughts and that is OK, better rage than apathy any time, please do give me your criticism so that I can improve.

Weekend Edition – Saturday – "Evangelicals Shake Up Iraq’s Christian Circles" click and listen very, very carefully.  It is possible that all the lives lost in the middle east in our time were for this express purpose, you will need to check with the Boss to see if I’m right or wrong about that.

The Associated Press reports that a recent USA Department of the Air Force investigation cites religious insensitivity at the academy.  This is not what I found when reading the AF’s report but then guess we all know you have to dig pretty deep past the presses tripe to get at the truth.  They, the AP, also say "two lawmakers said that Air Force investigators merely scratched the surface".  Now this is only my opinion but lawmakers who read this document and call it a scratch of the surface are unqualified to make laws.  Ooops, I forgot lawmaking ability is not a qualification to become a lawmaker in the United States of America.  I request that New York and California state voters reconsider there support for Reps. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., and Lois Capps, D-Calif.  In fact I would appreciate it that if there are any Democrats out there with any since they would move to the more respectable and certainly more intelligent GOP.  I thank the First Amendment Center for making this and much more so readily available.

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