You know your getting old when your best dreams are of returning to boot camp but you wake in terror knowing you cannot possible make it thru that test in spite of all the knowledge and wisdom you may have now that was totally absent the first time you did it.  Must have been the recent hype of the movie “Jarhead” which Sara and I went to see last night, no I’ve had that dream for a long time now.  But “Jarhead” sure stirred up a mix of emotions in me that left me more than a little disturbed.  Shamefully crude, some scenes more shameful than anything I ever experienced but then I did have some more shameful than any in the film.  Still I am very, very proud of being a US Marine.  This coming Friday is Veterans Day.  And on this day I plan on attending a meeting at Beaverton, High School where Marine Col. Mike Howard is scheduled to speak on his experiences in Iraq.  His take will be a positive one about leading combat operations, city reconstruction, humanitarian assistance and community relations.  I suppose most people who have something of substance in their heads believe this is worthless hype.  I prefer to maintain my pie in the sky Jarhead’s position that doing the right thing does do some good.


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