Iraqi Constitution part II

Well have you read it?  The one I can read says it was translated from Arabic by the Associated Press.  The AP apparently uses a British spell checker but this does not seem to ruin the reading too much.  The document opens with the typical we the wonderful, the authors of the alphabet and arithmetic and on and on.  It bends over backwards to be inclusive of all peoples though I since this “all” relegates all not of Islam to the category of others. 


“Article (1): The Republic of Iraq is an independent, sovereign nation, and the system of rule in it is a democratic, federal, representative (parliamentary)



This is today’s best known method of governance though some would prefer they not have to follow federal law and still regret losing our civil war.  I expect the coming world civil war will be even more regrettable but one world government is inevitable if anyone survives the struggle.  Democratic representation is indisputably better than anything other than a theocracy and since God has chosen to remain physically absent for this epoch of history it will have to do.  I expect He will have to return soon as it appears the only way there is to stop our destruction of ourselves, our world and even possibly the universe. 


Nuf said for now.

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