Tried to leave this space blank but one cannot post here without putting in a title so I’ll throw one in that’s so long it will make the webs tail spin to see what’s happened to its head.

Dearest Verl, if you should see this would you please leave me a comment here as I’m feeling desperately disregarded at the moment.  Why does no one leave me comments?  I should be on the road to church right now but have been caught up reading “A Man without a Country”.  Should have been a quick read but I have turned it into a longer act than it should be.   I keep reading what I have read before.  I actually think I read the last ten pages just yesterday.  Maybe I did.  Anyway this Vonnegut turd has me in a tither and I don’t now what to do.  I absolutely refuse to just fart around. 


God Bless


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