Depost?? Not me!

No depost here yet.  I like having to remember the dumb things I’ve said as that might keep me from repeating them.  Yes, I know that’s a pie in the sky pipe dream. 


Did I say I went to my counties GOP meeting?  Very interesting it was but I don’t think I know enough to actually hold any government office.  Also recently listened to Noam Chomsky  rail on in Alternative Radio’s presentation of Chomsky’s  “Washington’s Messianic Mission”.   Makes me ashamed to be a republican, Christian or even human.  I’m so glad I’ve been forgiven would have to kill myself otherwise. 


Speaking of forgiveness do you think Schwarzenegger will let Williams off the hook?  Found a Wisehart that’s been on death row in Indiana since 1983.  Don’t know the guy but read about the case and he is clearly guilt and confessed to his crimes but our legal system is so messed up the verdict is in question because a jury heard something he should not have.  I think the death penalty is a waste of time and money.  It is just less expensive to keep someone in jail forever than to kill them.


Gotta go to work now, see you later.  Hey there is a rumor Intel will make a move to pay a generation ahead soon.  Another pipe dream.

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