Health Care in the US

Healthcare, I have an idea that I would like for you to chew on and perhaps it might be refined to be useful.  So please let me know what you think.  Health care here is nearly universally available but the cost is high.  A condition that feeds on itself driving the cost even higher for many reasons I won’t bore you with but one of these is the use of emergency services by those who cannot afford primary care.  Canada’s government provided health care is failing miserably.  There are a host of honorable folks working on ways to fix our problem but it seems to me they are overcomplicating things.  All on all sides of the issue want to see good health care available for all.  We have the health care infrastructure to do this.  There are more than enough insurance businesses here to manage the finances for this system. 
So here is my proposal:  Every person with a US SSN annually receives a check from the US Treasury for $2000 marked for payment to a health care insurance organization of the holder’s choice.  These are used only for the purchase of health care insurance as the individual or there guardian so chooses.  Insurers would be required to accept these from everyone regardless of preexisting conditions.  This I call the government funded health care insurance plan (GFHCIP). 
Instigation of this plan would initiate a remarkable series of events.  My employer and several thousand more would have there health care expenses eliminated.  Insurers would have the funds to pay for quality care for all US citizens.  We all get to manage our own care not the government.  The GDP rises immensely and revenues enable tax reductions after the national debt is eliminated and our legislature can no longer figure out how to spend the windfall.  Illegal immigration increases due to the worlds trying to get in on the system.  Etc, etc, etc,
This is my initial post of this and I  hope that if the GFHCIP needs refinement that you would let me know so sent your comments to me.  You can translate “cwisehart at gmail dot com” to its useable form as my email address to reach me. 
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