Information Technology (IT) was become incomprehensible to me.  Having grown up with technology and having given a significant portion of my life’s efforts to keeping up with IT this is a very hard pill to swallow.  But swallow I must.  IntelliSense took a bite out of my behind this week.  You know when you begin to type and Excel, Word or whatever program you are using thinks it knows what you are writing and then completes it even if you where typing something else.  This nonsense helped me to get the Intel Identity (IDSID) “TIfhdi” transposed to “TIfidh” or visa versa, not sure which was which, anyway I got the incorrect IDSID in several different lines of an official document.  Fortunately I got the thing correct throughout the file by using the Ctrl-H keys.  Does Ctrl-H always mean find and replace or is that only in some of the Microsoft lands.  Speaking of key combos here is another incompressibility, Ctrl-F is find sometimes, find is F4 if your reading a message in Outlook unless your reading in preview where it is Ctrl-E, each of these has its own nuance.  Now my keyboard has decided all by itself (or maybe I fumble fingered the insert key) that I should be overwriting instead of inserting and so had to hit the “insert” key to reverse it’s will.  Oh, now try the Windows Key aka the Start key which is the one with the window picture.  Hold it down and touch the D key. 


Now if you did do that then you now you had to take some action to get back here.  If you did not it may be because your not sure what Start-D might really mean, perhaps it means delete all your virtual universes, or just MS universes.  


Nuf said, I give up?

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