Da Vinci Code and other conjectures.

Our imaginations can be wonderful things but when it comes to God we seem to leap into as dark a hole as we can find.  The new translations of the book of Judas raise the age old question of how could Judas be responsible for doing what he was destined to do which leads to the very freeing delusion that you and I are not responsible for the wickedness around us just blame God.  I suspect that won’t work when one comes face to face with Him.
I attended this series, "http://www.professionallyspeaking.org/DaVinciCode/" and was glad to learn that the story is so greatly filled with falsities that it may be possible they were placed there deliberately just to make absolutely clear that this is 100% fiction.
I’ve not seen this but may, "http://www.afa.net/petitions/davincidelusion.htm"
God’s Word is its own best defense.
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