Just some names to remember.

Last Updated: 5/19/2006


President Umar Hassan Ahmad AL-BASHIR, Lt. Gen.
First Vice President Salva KIIR
Vice President Ali Osman TAHA
Assistant to the President Nafie Ali NAFIE
Min. of Agriculture & Forestry Mohammed al-Amin Issa KABASHI
Min. of Animal & Resources GALWAK Deng
Min. of Cabinet Affairs DENG Alor Kuol
Min. of Culture, Youth, & Sport Mohammed Yusuf ABDALLAH
Min. of Defense Abdel Rahim Mohammed HUSSEIN
Min. of Energy & Mining Awad Ahmed AL-JAZ
Min. of Environment & Urban Development Ahmed Babkir NAHAR
Min. of Federal Government Abdel Basit Saleh SABDARAT
Min. of Finance & National Economy Al-Zubayr Ahmad al-HASAN
Min. of Finance & Planning Zubeir Mohammed HASSAN
Min. of Foreign Affairs LAM Akol Ajawin
Min. of Foreign Trade George BORENG Niyami
Min. of General Education Hamid Muhammad IBRAHIM
Min. of Health Tabita SOKAYA
Min. of Higher Education Peter NIYOT Kok
Min. of Humanitarian Affairs KOSTI Manibe
Min. of Industry Jalal AL-DUGAIR
Min. of Information & Communication Zahawi Ibrahim MALEK
Min. of Interior Zubeir Beshir TAHA
Min. of International Cooperation AL-TIJANI Saleh Hudeib
Min. of Investment Malik AGAR Ayar
Min. of Justice & Prosecutor General Mohammed Ali AL-MARDI
Min. of Labor & Human Resources Alison MANANI Magaya
Min. of Parliamentary Affairs Josheph OKELO
Min. of the Presidency BAKRI Hassan Saleh
Min. of Religious Affairs & Waqf Azhari Al-Tigani Awad AL-SID
Min. of Science & Technology Abdalrahman SAID, Lt. Gen. (Ret.)
Min. of Tourism Josef MALWAL
Min. of Transportation KUOL Manyang Ajok
Min. of Water Resources Kamal Ali MOHAMMED
Attorney General Ali Mohamed Osman YASSIN
Governor, Central Bank of Sudan Muhammad al-Hasan SABIR
Charge d’Affaires, Washington, DC Khidir HAROUN
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York El Fatih Mohammed Ahmed ERWA
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