Time for me to blather on some more.

Saw all Gore’s "An Inconvenient Truth" last night.  Some years ago I read his book "Earth in the Balance" and was impressed at that time with what are simple irrefutable facts.  He repeats his staid, simple, concise expression of more even more irrefutable facts in this documentary.  He believes we can change things, that these changes will enhance US and world economic growth, and I agree.  It is insanely funny that Ford and GM have fought needed changes and now are losing billions of dollars for their failure to embrace what the majority of the world understands are necessities.  I think many Americans don’t understand the word “necessary” and fear we will pay the consequences for this ignorance.  Was there not a UN Resolution many years ago calling for the disarmament of Hizbollah (please don’t behead me for using the Arabic spelling)?  Guess this was just not that much of a necessity.  Well it is clear the end times are here and some extraordinarily frivolous Christian leaders are embracing it with joy.  I think they will soon learn why we should fear God’s judgment and pray they are right about the rapture coming before things get really bad (ya, right they’re just fine now).  I think Christians deserve to suffer it as much as the rest and we really take it for granted that we don’t get everything we deserve.  Better stop now I’m getting morbid.


PS I apologize for whatever MS has done to the look of things here with Windows Live and I had nothing to do with it or the ads they place here.

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