twangbang.xpl and MS Windows MCE

I believe MCE stands for Media Center Edition.  I have a number of media applications on my new Dell system.   It has an Intel dual core MP but I did not buy a VIIV system.  I’m still not sure what one gets for paying more for VIIV.  I do know I wish I had gotten XP pro instead of the MCE.  Even with iTunes, the latest Windows Media Player and BSPlayer when I download what is labeled as an MP3 from Denny Freeman’s site I now hax this twangbang.xpl file that me PC does not know what to do with.  Anyone out there know what runs a .xpl file? The Windows File Association web page does not recognize it telling me to search the web.  Gee I could have sworn that was what Windows told me it was doing. Going to the web I see only that it is a music file but no app to run it is listed.  Isn’t it great how a MCE OS helps me out???
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