St. Joseph Missouri to Langely Canada

11/23/2007 4:23:55 AM CST   Well it’s early but after 7 in Indy.  Rose at 5 CST and had some coffee and an English Muffin at the Denny’s across the road from the Ramada Inn.  We got a sweet deal there with a military discount the Suite had room for all six of use and even got to take a swim in the pool, very nice.  Reading "Rules for Old Men Waiting" by Peter Pouncey, about half way thru but at this point recommend the book for all adults.  I have never had any intention of dying as there is no reason I know of why the Lord should not return today but it is interesting to hear other points of view about death.  I’m in a gas station on there internet service so you will have to forgive me if the grammer and speeling here stinks.  I feeling good and am thinking seriously of throwing my hate in the GOP ring for next year’s election to President of the US of A.  Well gotta get back to the room before the kids miss me.  We head up I29 to Omaha first thing today, snow is every where but the road and no new snow is falling.  Heard there could be some flurries this evening but hopefully we will be in a clear spot.   Perhaps I’ll add more to this later?


11/26/200 Well took me til Friday to get back.  Had a great time coming across the country, Abi and Esther earned their Junior Ranger badges at Mt. Rushmore and we all got a great look at the monuments there.  I reconsidered running for President later that afternoon.  Forgot I’d have to admit to inhaling or lusting or being born again or a host of things that would prove my villainous character and estrange me from all but the most unforgiving.  We are now at the home of the Murdock’s, wonderful folks on the southern edge of Canada near Langely.   

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2 Responses to St. Joseph Missouri to Langely Canada

  1. verL says:

    So you are thinking about "throwing my hate in the GOP ring" soon?  That is an appropriate sentiment, I think…
    I\’m in Los Angeles this week and find it very pleasant here.  When I left Indianapolis there was four inches of snow on the field and the plane had to be de-iced.  The ocean is beautiful, but the meetings are dull dull dull.  v

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