US Universal Health Care Insurance Program (UHCIP)

Provide universal health care coverage by issuance of $5000 in vouchers annually to every US citizen for the purpose of purchasing individual health care insurance.  Insurers are required to accept all regardless of pre-existing conditions if they choose to participate in this program.  Individuals may use more than one voucher for multiple insurers or providers but the total amount must not exceed the full value set for each year ($5000 is a good number to discuss).  Insurers would be paid the amount of the voucher and an annual amount dependent on the unused vouchers calculated as the difference between the sum of the vouchers paid and what would have been paid if 100% of those with SSN’s had used their full amount.  This unallocated portion will be paid annually to Insurers in proportion to the amount of the vouchers they were reimbursed for*.  Those using the vouchers to purchase insurance who are not satisfied with the provisions of their insurer or insurere will be free to choose others providing motivation for insurers to provide quality insurance.

This would reduce or eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, VA Hospitals and a host of government programs (multiply these by 50 or more for the host of government aid wasted in each state now).  Imagine all employers no longer having to manage care of millions of employees.  We spend more now and get far, far less.  Yes the majority has good coverage now but they are paying the cost of the minority that does not.  Recent numbers published show the cost of health care in the US is more than $6000 per person.  Oh and that $5000 number I threw in there would probably be too much but Insurers would fight to keep it high for their stock holders.   

US Population


Per Capita Health Care Cost


Health Care Cost


Per Capita UHCIP Cost


Total UHCIP Cost




One good question I have been presented is why should we all pay for those who do not need or desire coverage.  I’ll answer this question with a question.  Why should we all pay for Interstate Highway 10 though most of use do not use it?  The same applies to health care except that the deleterious affects of poor health care on others is far more damaging than the loss of our federal highway system would be.

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