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Spoke to the Huerta’s in Romania yesterday, Saturday, August 4th 2007.  Isaiah has recovered from a flu bug but the Mom and Dad got it now, yuck.  So their newsletter may be late.  Got to see Abi and Esther and a glimpse of Laura on the MS Windows Live Messenger video conference which is working great now to Romania.  Of course they have to put up with seeing my ugly mug there. 

Watched Bill’s interview with Clive James and found him to be an intriguing infidel.  His comment about God was so repugnant I could only cringe and pray that he finds The Way before he gets to wave his finger in God’s face in person.  Certainly is a great talent and example of how the sun and rain shines on all, infidels included.  Speaking of The Way I shared it with a substance abuse group at Change Point Inc. and was advised of the dangers of restricting ones world view to there only being One Way.  The room we were in had only one door and I felt as if all there were standing inflames crying for help screaming where are the other doors there has to be another door.

Well this is my virgin use of Microsoft’s (MS) Windows Live Writer so I’ll not change any defaults this time.  Of course MS will change some for me without asking or even letting me know as all of their stuff thinks it knows better than I and their right most of the time.  Probably should abandon MS stuff altogether but understanding their applications is pretty much necessary at most work places so I’m kinda stuck.  Intel’s "Home Use Program" allows me to purchase Office 2007 and some other MS renovations for less than $20 a shot so it is in the mail, backordered actually as I’m guessing 50,000 or more other Intelians ordered within minutes of its availability (think I’ll add Intelian to Wikipedia and Wiktionary?)

Nuf fer now so I am about to push the Publish button.  Will it really and where will it go?

Love you all.

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