The Shallow Answer and Other Lies from Hell

First I am a Born Again Christian so please understand references to non believers ideas are not intended as endorsing them but they often demonstrate the Truth more clearly than the muddled ravings of the saved.   Watched Nova’s "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial" and found it to be fair and impartial, sad as the facts may be.  I was taught back in my Boot Camp days not to stand on the skyline presenting a target endangering not only oneself but ones fellow Marines but this is exactly what the proponents if Intelligent Design (ID) did in Dover Pennsylvanian, and they succeeded in getting Evolution proven in court to be scientific fact (recall OJ was proven innocent in similar circumstances) and ID was declared legally religion which is not to be spoken of in public schools per the US Constitution.  I faithfully reason that God Created something sometime and that there may have been some kind of design involved, it’s not too much of a reach to say it was an intelligent design.  Check out this somewhat thoughtful persons view:

Deepak actually wrote about defending ID as a non religious idea in 2005 "Intelligent Design Without the Bible."  His testimony at Dover would have been helpful.

The greatest insight I take away from all this is that the minds of most people today are closed to Truth.  Actually I guess this has been the case since Eve told Satan God told them not to touch the Tree of Life.

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