Weak economy, recession maybe?

Well the pundits started with the are we or are we not going into a recession questions.  The world seems to have forgotten when America hurts the pain spreads to the rest of the world.  I’d say we are in a recession and the world will follow.  Yesterdays BusinessWeek article, Ireland’s Luck Is Running Out is the clincher for me.  The real question though is that this appears to be a different kind of recession and has many worrisome attributes.  I don’t think anyone reads this blog but if someone dose happen to see it I’d really like to hear your opinion. 

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One Response to Weak economy, recession maybe?

  1. anita says:

    When was our last recession? Was it during the Regan Years? I\’m thinking it was during my high school and college years. Seemed to pass right through it. You were already living lean and your friends were in the same boat. You had two or three jobs plus classes. I came from a big family so hand me downs and a big garden were the way of life. I started working in high school and the rest is history. I now have a family and when our kids were real little I had a hard time finding babysitters. I thought don\’t kids need money these days? Well now when you ask. Sure Susy will babysit she needs gas money. So in some ways maybe this is a good thing. I had to pay my own way because I knew my parents couldn\’t or wouldn\’t and maybe a little of both. I just knew it wasn\’t appropriate to ask. Hard times may be coming or they may not. Hence there is always a lesson.

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